10 Best Serbian Cleaver Almazan Chef Knife Damascus Steel – Ultimate Guide

                                                                          10 Best Serbian Cleaver Almazan Chef Knife Damascus Steel – Ultimate Guide

For centuries, man has relied on strong, durable, and sharp knives, from pre-historic times to modern-day top chefs from all corners of the globe, a good knife continues to be a necessity in the kitchen.
Whilst uses and designs vary with the ages, there has been one consistent factor throughout, and that is that you are looking for the very best, hand forged quality knife, then you need to look no further than a Serbian knife in Damascus steel. Sharp, durable, and extremely strong, you can’t go wrong with this choice of knife.
In today’s article, we are going to be discussing why Serbian knives are so coveted and revered and discuss the very best Damas Serbian Knives that you can buy, including a selection of Serbian knives on sale that you can check out today.

The Blades Material 

One of the elements that make a Serbian knife so strong is the type of steel that is used. All of the best Serbian knives use the distinctive Damascus steel, a type of steel that can be recognized easily due to its distinctive, wave-like, pattern on the blade.
Not only is Damascus steel beautiful, but it also maintains its sharpness and strength whilst remaining hard yet flexible. Named after the Syrian city of Damascus, Damascus steel has been around since around 750-945 CE. The distinctive steel is also referred to as Persian watered steel.
In historic times, Damascus steel was the case of wootz, a technique originally made famous in Indian over 200 years ago. Damascus Steel The Blade is Made By 1095,1043/15N20 Hand forged to Beautiful Pattern.
This process was modernized during the 1970s, and since then, Damascus steel blades have been made by welding a mixture of different steel types together to form billets. The procedure is fairly simple.
First, steel ingots form billets that are folded like together, resulting in a metal that consists of hundreds of layers. It is these layers that give Damascus steel in density and design.
At a molecular level, carbon nanotubes form within the metal which allows it a level of flexibility and malleability, as well as giving it strength during the forging process. This heavy concentration of carbon provides the steel with structural integrity and ensures its high performance.
The beautiful patterns seen on Damascus steel is attained during the forging process, when the small steel ingots gradually form into the shape of a blade. By heating the steel to temperatures between 1,500F and 2,000F, results in the alignment of iron carbides that forms into bands which in turn make the beautiful and unique patterns found on Serbian Damascus steel knives. After heating, the steel is cooled and stacked for 10 minutes, before being bathed in liquid nitrogen, before undergoing a dual tempering process. Finally, the blade is finished by buffing and then being submerged in a tai-sodium phosphate which neutralizes the finish.

The Handle Material 
Almost as important as the blade and steel, a good quality Serbian knife will also be equipped with a quality handle.
Some of the best options include G10, Micarta, plastic, and wood, with our personal favorite is those handles made from Rosewood, G10 or Micarta.
Wood has been used for centuries and offers a durable, reliable and comfortable solution that we are all familiar with.
G10 is not so well known, and is a resin-based composite material that is formed by using compression and heat. Fiberglass is stacked in thin layers, before being soaked in an epoxy resin, and compressed/laminated together with heat to form a fiberglass material. This process makes G10 very tough and makes it a great option for the handle on your Serbian knife.
Micarta is another top option. Also a resin-based material, Micarta is primarily made from burlap, linen, or canvas. The laminate layers are glued with a phenolic resin, which are then compressed with heat to become a hard material that makes it a strong and reliable handle for your Serbian Knife.
All Wood, G10 and Micarta handles will deliver durable kitchen knife handles with strong performance, which if cared for correctly, will provide you with decades of use.

The cover sheath

Finally, a good quality Serbian Knife should be kept in a good quality Serbian knife sheath. Popular options include sheaths made of Leather, Wood, Antler or Kydex. Although many people ask which knife sheath is the best, in truth, they all do a similar job and any good quality knife sheath will play a crucial role in improving your Serbian knife’s style and functionality, and much comes down to personal preference.
Personally, I like leather sheaths. Leather is a more traditional material choice, and a good quality leather sheath is usually more durable and secure.

Increasingly however, Kydex is gaining popularity in sheath making. This is due to how Kydax can be contoured according to the individual dimensions of the blade, meaning that it is easier to achieve a custom fit. Another advantage of Kydex is the fact that it’s waterproof. It is also less expensive to acquire than leather, meaning that those on a budget might prefer Kydex over leather.

Now that we have discussed the history, process and material used in making a good quality Serbian knife, let’s now get onto our picks for the top 10 Serbian cleaver knives you can buy.

Number 10




This Damascus Serbian Chef Knife Cleaver is forged from top-quality Damascus (or Almazan) steel. Constructed from a single piece of metal. Coming with a Rosewood handle and leather sheath, the knife offers a fantastic balance of comfort, functionality and protection.
Summary: An extremely sharp and durable knife, constructed from a single iron piece, with a convenient rosewood handle that offers a good grip and long-lasting sharpness.

Number 9

At 11.5 inches long, this beautiful handmade Damascus Steel Serbian Cleaver, is as much a piece of art as it is a knife. Complete with Rosewood handle and leather sheath the blade is made by combining 095 carbon and steel, before being forged to achieve the beautiful patterning.
Summary: A beautiful Serbian Damascus steel butchers cleaver that will last a lifetime.

Number 8  

Custom Handmade Damascus Kitchen Mini Cleaver Knife

This is a nicely balanced Almazan knife, measuring in at 10 inches long, and with a distinctive shape, and rosewood and Micarta handle, this is a high quality Serbian knife that we recommend for professionals who prefer a slightly smaller Damascus steel Serbian knife.

Summary: A slightly smaller blade with a beautiful design and distinctive shape from those who like to stand out from the crowd.

Number 7

Personalizable Handmade Damascus Steel Cleaver Chopper Chef Kitchen Knife

For those who prefer to add a little personalization to their knives, we strongly recommend taking a look at the our personalized handmade Damascus Steel Cleaver. With a reinforced wooden handle that allows for easy maneuvering. This is one of the very best knives a personalized fast shredding experience.
Summary: A larger 12.25 inch blade, that can be personalized for those who want to add some individuality to their shopping experience.
Number 6


Serbian Cleaver Damascus Steel Chopper Chef Knife

With its heavy-duty Damascus steel construction, this outstanding Serbian knife will deliver on all expectations. If you are looking for a knife that performs in all circumstances, then here it is!

Summary: Although specially designed for meat cutting, this versatile Serbian knife will meet all your shopping needs in the kitchen, offering fantastic value in the process.

Number 5



If you are looking for a knife that can be designed to your specifications then look no further than this custom handmade Damascus steel chef clever. measuring in at a total length of 12.50 inches, this beautiful knife can be finished with a number of patterns, including Raindrop pattern, ladder pattern, twisted pattern and more. It can also be equipped with a number of different handles including Camel Bone handle, Rosewood handles, Koa Wood handle or Bull Horn handle.
Summary: A knife for all occasions, with endless possibilities for customization, this is a knife that will deliver on whatever you are looking for.

Number 4

Possibly one of the most beautiful Serbian Almazan Chef Knives that you can buy, this beauty comes with a rosewood/olive wood handle. The include red leather sheath compliments the blue-stained handle perfectly.
Summary: An all-around Almazan knife that is as beautiful as it is practical.

Number 3

This is another completely hand-forged Serbian cleaver butcher knife, that is ready to chop and cut any fruit, vegetables or meat that you throw at it. Featuring a wooden solid handle that users can hold comfortably, the handle is designed to offer the perfect balance.
Summary: A no-nonsense cleaver, offering fantastic value and distinctive patterning, whilst providing perfect balance.

Number 2

Serbian Almazan Chef Knife Damascus Cleaver Chopper


One of our top picks and recommendations, this Professional Damascus Chef Kitchen Knife offers extremely strong build quality and performance that will last for years if maintained well. It features an ultra-premium rosewood handle that delivers extreme durability.
Summary: A top pick, offering distinctive beauty and all-around quality. Complete with a leather sheath and comfortable handle, this is a hard-to-beat option.

Number 1


Coming in at number 1 on this list is our Serbian Knife Hand Forged Cleaver. This is a medium-sized knife, with the blade measuring in at 7 inches long, meaning that this will suit those who prefer a Serbian knife that offers easier maneuverability.
Summary: A versatile knife that has been hand forged by professionals, offering ling lasting sharpness and an extremely comfortable handle.

Final Thoughts – Why should you buy a Serbian cleaver for the kitchen?
With a growing number of YouTube reviews and amazon listings, Serbian cleaver knives are growing in popularity around the world. Whether you call them Serbian chef knives or an Almazan kitchen knife, these are defiantly amongst the most popular knives amongst professional chefs, and prices are rising! So if you are looking for the very best quality in hand-forged chef knives, then you need to look no further than any one of the above listed Serbian chef knives that we have covered in this article, all of which will meet your demands with sharp, strong, and exceptional durability whilst offering fantastic value.

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